Bosses! I have the perfect podcast for you.

“Hashtags and Stilettos” is a podcast by Sakita Holley. I just recently found her podcast on apple’s podcast app, so I cannot say I’ve been listening for years. What I can say is that, in the time I have been listening, I’ve been binging (as we all do when we find something we love).

Sakita Holley is the founder and CEO of House of Success Public Relations and the editor of On her podcast she gives advice on PR, business, and entrepreneurship. Sakita will often share personal stories when giving advice. Personally, I love listening to advice from people who have been in similar situations. She’s also not afraid to share when she has made a mistake and how she went about it. I feel as though, many times, the internet creates a “perfect world” where people feel shameful showing or sharing their failures and only broadcast their success. It’s refreshing to listen to a successful person explain how they got there, what they did, and what they would have changed.

So far, my favorite episode is “Episode 14: Use the #PowerHour Method to Get More Done”. In this episode Sakita speaks of the “power hour”, in which you’d buckle down for a full hour with no distractions to get a few tasks done. I loved that episode because not too long ago I naturally gave myself a power hour. I decided to put my phone away and just work. It was the most productive hour of my week, and that’s basically what Sakita says as well. It was nice to experience something, and then hear someone else talk about the wonders of that exact thing.

If you’re listening to any podcast right now, pause them and listen to Sakita’s. You will not regret it.

Where to find Sakita online:

Instagram: @MissSuccess

Twitter: @MissSuccess



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