Fave apps/websites for travel discounts

Hopper: Let me just start out by saying that I LOVE Hopper. It has saved me a ton of money! The reason why Hopper is so amazing is because it predicts when you should book your flights and hotels at a much cheaper price. It notifies you when prices drop or rise so that you can instantly book your travel on the app.

Scotts Cheap Flights: One day I stumbled across Scotts Cheap Flights on Twitter and I was amazed at the cheap flights leaving from my home city (BOS) so I instantly subscribed to their emails because who doesn’t love cheap flight deals? Ever since I’ve been getting emails for cheap international flights out of my home city! When you get these emails, it is best to book instantly because we all know that good deals don’t last too long.

*Sometimes I even get glitch deal emails where a flight was meant to be $500 and someone keyed in $50 (Those are the best!!!!)

My advice on taking advantage of Scotts Cheap Flights:

· Move fast on the deals.

· Find a destination that you love and book it!

· Flexibility with your dates is key.

Daypass: Daypass unlocks some of the most beautiful hotels and resorts for the fraction of the cost of what you would normally pay to stay at these hotels for a night. Enjoy amenities such as spas, pools, and health clubs while on vacation or even at home.


Explore around your location or at destination Browse instant booking options Book and pay within the app Get instant confirmation for your day pass Enjoy your DayPass

HotelTonight: HotelTonight has fantastic deals on discounted hotel rooms! The best deals are shown every day. The app is easy to use and making a reservation is a breeze. I’m someone who loves reading reviews (I can spend hours reading reviews) and that’s what I love about the HotelTonight app you can read reviews on the hotels and see photos that other travelers have posted.

The coolest feature on this app is the Daily Drop: it’s like a game you swipe to unlock the daily deal, but you only have 15 mins to book it! This can be done once a day/every day.

Happy Traveling! Let us know in the comments if you use any of these apps/websites.


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