Hey Girl, by Alexandra Elle

Hey Girl is a podcast by Alexandra Elle. Alex (as she refers to herself on social media) Elle is a writer who has published three journals, and three books filled with poetry, narrative essays and words of affirmation (as she would call them). As Hey Girl begins to play, Alex announces that she created the podcast with “sisterhood and storytelling in mind”. She brings amazing women on her podcast to speak about their experiences and the work they do. Topics she focuses on are love, loss, and self care.

I found Alex Elle through instagram and I was instantly attracted to everything she stood for. I think we can all agree that we go through moments in life where we may not be as happy or fulfilled as we’d want to be. When I found Alex Elle on instagram, I also found her posts on words of affirmation. Her words of affirmation helped me through many of my thinking processes. When she announced that she created a podcast I was ecstatic, and I’ve been subscribed ever since.

A new podcast is uploaded every Sunday. Once you listen to her podcast, you will understand why Sunday is the perfect day to listen to the words of the wise women she invites. Whether Sundays are considered the wind down, or the beginning of your week, Hey Girl provides a great listen. One of my favorite episodes is “Jamila on Self-Value”.

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