Self-Care Sunday (we got nails at home)

I've always loved going to the nail salon since I have always found it to be a very therapeutic experience. As someone who goes to the salon about twice a month, the cost of this luxury can start to add up so I decided to forgo my trips and bring the nail salon to my home. Since one of my goals for the New Year was to focus more on improving my financial freedom, I figured that by doing my nails at home, I would be able to save some money and pick up a skill or two. During my bi-weekly trips to the salon I typically get a gel manicure and pedicure. I have been watching my nail tech do my nails for years so I thought it would be easy to follow the steps.

I am going, to be honest, after a couple of days of painting my nails at home with nail lacquer, I have a newfound respect for my nail tech because I was fed up! Initially, I started out by just using a simple nail lacquer because I wanted to go the inexpensive route rather than purchase an entire gel kit. However, after a few weeks of doing my nails and having them chip in 2-3 days, I quickly learned that you get what you pay for and I decided to invest in my at-home salon. I went on Amazon and started putting together my gel manicure starter pack, after about two hours I was able to put together the perfect at-home gel manicure kit the items are listed below.


UV Gel Lamp

DND DC Duo Gel + Nail Lacquer

Gelish Pro Bond (Non-Acid Primer)

DND Gel Base and Top

Cuccio Professional Cuticle Oil

Glass Cuticle Stick

Nail Files and Buffer

Gel Nail File Set

OPI Bubble Bath

Gel Nails Step By Step:

Step 1: trim your nails and cuticles

Step 2: clean your nails with rubbing alcohol (most important step, if you have any oil on your nails they will chip easily)

Step 3: start with one hand (complete this hand first, I started with painting my left hand) put bonder on all your nails

Step 4: start by putting the base coat on your thumb only, let it cure for 60 secs

then put the base coat on your remaining 4 nails

Step 5: do the first gel color application on thumb let it cure for 60 secs

Step 6: gel color on the remaining 4 nails let it cure for 60 secs

Step 7: repeat until the desired color. I did 3 coats and cured it for 60 secs each time

Step 8: top coat on thumb let it cure for 90 secs

Step 9: top coat on remaining 4 nails let it cure for 90 secs

Step 10: remove the sticky layer with a cotton pad and alcohol

Step 11: repeat all the steps on the opposite hand. Viola, you have beautiful glossy nails. Don’t forget to apply a cuticle softener after you complete the process.

*Keep a pointed applicator nearby helps with cleaning around the edges.

Let us know in the comments below if you have started doing your own gel manicures at home or plan to.


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