I’ve officially been sluttified!

By far, the most delicious vegan burger I’ve ever had in my life. Slutty Vegan is located in Atlanta, Georgia and they’re open Tuesday through Saturday. This proud black owned business has become one of the trendiest food stops in Atlanta and business is booming!

A few months ago while scrolling on Instagram, I came across their account and knew I had to give their food a try. Slutty Vegan has amazing social media marketing skills because I was instantly hooked. When I scrolled through their instagram, there would be tons of videos of people taking their first bite out of their burger and basically entering a new universe. The universe of deliciously messy but juicy vegan burgers. Slutty Vegan originally began as a food truck, and then opened a beautiful storefront. Both are up and running. On their instagram, they will often post what burgers are being made for the day, and if they run out. This is important because both the food truck and the storefront are always busy. Luckily, when I went, the storefront wasn’t as busy. I can’t say this is normal because locals told me that the average wait time in line can range from an hour to two hours!

When I went to Slutty Vegan ATL, I ordered the “One Night Stand”. I kind of hyped myself up for it because of all the videos that I saw on their instagram page. All the hype was most definitely worth it because that burger was out of this world. When I took my first bite, I honestly couldn’t believe how good it was. I got a taste of everything in one bite. The One Night Stand is topped with vegan bacon, vegan cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and slutty vegan sauce. All of the burgers are made with the impossible meat. The vegan bacon shocked me the most. I remember constantly saying “this bacon is so damn good!” I really gave up on vegan bacon because I just didn’t like the taste. But Slutty Vegan really restored my faith in vegan bacon. If I could have that burger right now, I would. I wouldn’t even hesitate, and I wouldn’t mind waiting in line for two hours. That burger is worth it!!!!

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