The Hot New Micro Trip Trend!

What is a Micro Trip?

I’d like to think of a micro trip as the best of both worlds. They are essentially very short trips (hence, micro) that can last anywhere from one to three days, and are usually done on your day(s) off. The great thing about them is that you can experience a different location without having to take tons of days off from work. It’s important to note that in order for a micro trip to be successful, you have to be well organized. You must remember you’re only going to be there for a short amount of time and there won’t be much time to figure out your next move.

Micro Trip Tips

Like mentioned above, be sure to plan everything ahead! I believe that a less stressful way to travel includes an understanding that not every single thing you plan will go through. It’s important to understand that when you’re traveling, things can go wrong. I’m going to give a few more important tips for micro traveling and making the best use of your time.

1. Plan ahead. Maybe you’re not extremely detailed and that’s okay. You do want to at least know what your plans are for the day so that you’re not scrambling around in your hotel or airbnb trying to figure out what to do.

2. Budget. A great thing about micro trips is that you can “ball on a budget”. You can go to these amazing places and have amazing experiences knowing that you’ve already planned and you know more or less how much you will be spending.

3. Travel light. Remember that you’re only going to be in your destination for one to three days, you don’t need a week’s worth of clothes.

4. Consider Basic Economy. Basic economy tickets with most airlines allow for you to get the cheapest ticket with restrictions. You won’t be able to choose your seat and usually you cannot take a carry on. Piggy backing off tip 3, if you pack light you should be able to fit enough clothes in an average sized backpack.

5. Red eye flights. If your city offers red eye flights, definitely consider them. (Red eye flights are overnight flights). These flights allow for maximizing your time. Unfortunately, I have not experienced a red eye flight, however I’ve read and seen multiple times that the tickets are cheaper.

Micro trips are well worth it and are quite trendy at the moment! If you have the time and money to spare, I strongly recommend trying it out. I took my first micro trip to Atlanta (stay tuned for the Atlanta blog post) to try a vegan burger and it was amazing. A few places that are great for micro tripping include: anywhere in the United States, Europe, Central America, and the Caribbean. Of course, that is relative, so I’d recommend traveling anywhere that does not take 9+ hours if you cannot access red eye flights.

Let us know in the comments if you've ever taken a micro trip or if you're planning on taking one!


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