The Vert Backpack

Am I the only one that loves a great library? I feel like libraries are so underrated. They’re literally free offices. I mean… technically they don’t have all the perks (like free coffee), but you get what I mean. Whenever I have time off, my favorite thing to do is pack my day in a bag and head out to my favorite library. This one’s for my locals: I live close to Boston, so I usually go to the Boston Public Library over on Boylston Street. The McKim Building Bates Hall is my favorite reading room. There’s something about the dim green lamps and the 50-foot barrel vault ceiling that provides me with a sense of comfort and the ability to get everything done. Side note: I just learned that you can actually get married there, and I’m sold? Anyways, when I go to the library, I like to have everything with me. The Vert Backpack by Timbuk2 is the perfect day bag.

The Vert Backpack has a total of six compartments, two water bottle pockets, and two horizontal straps to attach larger items such as a yoga mat or a skateboard. I like to feel like I’m prepared for anything, and I also like to be very organized. This backpack satisfies both. I honestly can’t stand to have a backpack with only one small pocket and one big area to put stuff in. It’s like, where is the organization? Where do I put my lotion and chapsticks? My pens? My sticky notes? My keys? Chargers? All in one? That sounds obnoxious to say the least.

The backpack provides a laptop compartment, that can also probably fit a folder and notebook as well. I like to use my iPad to take notes, so I actually used that compartment for both my laptop and my iPad. The next compartment is larger and contained internal organization. I put my camera, sweater and wallet in that one. I also organized my pens and placed my favorites in the compartment. The front of the back pack has four different pockets. The top pocket even has a soft lining, so I used that to store my phone and headphones. Another pocket contains a keychain, so of course I put my keys there. But I also put my hand lotion, sanitizer and chapstick in that pocket too. A pocket identical to it was perfect for holding snacks such as granola bars and nuts. The bottom pocket held all my chargers. I placed my water bottle where the water bottle pocket was located (as I should).

Overall, I had a great experience with the Vert Backpack. My only complaint would be that the identical pockets, that had the keychain in it, had a small opening. So I felt as though I had to kind of force my hand in to grab what I needed. That’s not a major issue for me though, so it’s nothing that would keep my from purchasing this bag again. If you’re interested in the Vert Backpack, click the link below.

The Vert Backpack

PS - Students get a 10% off discount!

School is back in season, what's your favorite bag to bring along with you for school or work?


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