They say the best things in life are free!

As most of us are trying to do our part to help with flattening the curve, I’ve been busy trying to find ways to prevent myself from going stir crazy.

I started doing some research online for ways I could pass my time other than reaching for the snacks in my cabinet. After many hours of tumbling down the social media rabbit hole, I found a ton of free resources varying from home fitness workouts to online courses that are currently being offered for free.

Below, I have complied a list of free resources that are being offered during this time. (I will continue to update this list as I find new things)

Free Workouts:

  • Nike Training Club app is now offering their premium subscription for free.

  • Peloton app is free for 90 days. (I’ve done a few of the yoga classes and absolutely I love it!)

  • TrillFit is offering live classes on Zoom.

  • House of Zeus is offering Instagram Live workouts. (I'm still sore from Sunday's workout)

  • Corepower is offering access to their CorePower Yoga On Demand.

  • Like to dance? Steezy is offering daily access to one free class.

  • For anyone in the 305 Fitness cult (or those that need to be initiated) they're doing daily live stream classes at noon!

  • “Release all the indoorphins” with access to Lululemon's several at home activities from meditation to home workouts all available on their website .

  • If you're a HIIT junkie like me, be sure to check Orangetheory At Home.

  • Barry's Bootcamp is rolling out, twice-daily IGTV Barry's at-home workouts.

  • The ToneItUp app will be available for free to new users for the next 30 days. They are also providing daily Instagram live workout sessions.

  • The Handle Bar has daily Instagram lives. Ranging from arms to total body movement.

  • Headspace is providing access to their collection of guided mediations and sleep aides.

Free Courses:

  • The eight Ivy League Universities are offering over 450+ university courses that you can take for free online.

  • General Assembly is offering workshop Fridays.

Free Reading:

  • The New York Public Library has made over 300,000 online books available for free. Download the app and start reading. (Unfortunately you must be a New York City Resident for this one)

Free Music and Art:

  • This last Friday I visited the Louvre, the Vatican, and the Smithsonian all without changing my pajamas. Here are 12 world-class museums you can visit Online.

  • If you ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument, Fender Play is offering 3 months of free guitar lessons.

  • Tidal has launched At Home With TIDAL and are offering members and non-members free access to their multi-genre, multi-day 12-hour livestream series.

  • Nikon is offering 10 photography classes through the Nikon School. These classes are normally priced anywhere between $15-$50 each.

  • To help creatives who are safe at home Apple's Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro X have launched a 90 day free trial.

Stay happy, healthy, and safe❤️


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