Wagamama + Gaz Oakley’s “Avant Gard’n

I’m so tired of going to restaurants only to find out that the only vegan options are fries or a salad. I used to feel like it was hard to find great vegan dishes, but times are changing and I’m grateful! I’ve been following Gaz Oakley on YouTube since I decided to go plant-based. His cooking videos made me so excited to make something in the kitchen. While watching his videos, I came across his famous vegan eggs. I was intrigued and started making a list of the things I needed, checking what I had, and then running to the supermarket to buy anything I was missing. Despite all of this, laziness got the best of me and I never got around to trying to recreate his dishes

When I found out that his Wagamama collaboration was coming to Boston. I was so excited (mostly because it featured the vegan egg). As soon as I got word that the Boston location was open, I rushed to be one of the first to try it (insert Forrest Gump gif). I had the opportunity to meet Gaz and chat with him and even got him to sign a version of his Vegan 100 cookbook (BTW, the cookbook is a must buy!)

Avant Gard’n is an all vegan dish packed with protein and flavor. It’s simple, but not bland. Wagamama’s description of the Avant Gard’n is: “Barbecue-glazed seitan served with a coconut+ sriracha vegan ‘egg’, grilled shiitake mushrooms and asparagus on a bed of brown rice. Topped with edamame beans, carrots and spring onions. Dressed with a sweet amai sauce and garnished with sesame seeds and fresh lime.” I could not describe it any better. Not sure why, but the first time I ate it, I tried to eat piece by piece. When I met Gaz, he recommended that when eating the Avant Gard’n, everything should be mixed together. Mixing all the flavors together took the dish to a WHOLE ‘NOTHER level. My mouth is literally watering as I type this. The seitan is so perfectly tender and really enhances the whole bowl. I find myself wanting to go to Wagamama almost every week or so just to have the Avant Gard’n.

Some more vegan Wagamama highlights are their bang bang cauliflower, coconut ice cream, and cloudy lemonade. Check out their website!

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